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5 Ways I Make My Morning Anxiety Disappear FAST

Frogs on Coffee

Can I Have 2 Slices of Motivation and a Bowl of Confidence Please?

Do you want to know how I curb my anxieties and get myself ready for the day ahead?

Would you really like to know how these hacks positively affect my day?

Are you reading this because you hope they can help you too?

Let me be brutally honest…

You gotta help yourself first by turning off that snooze button and giving yourself a big shake, so let’s jump straight in!

Number 1Setting my ALARM half an hour EARLY!


That’s right. As if mornings were not difficult enough, I make them that little bit more difficult for me, in a reverse psychology kind of way! Setting my alarm that little bit earlier stops me from pressing the dreaded SNOOZE button and gives me that extra time to myself in the morning to clear my head, get my self in the zone so that the rest of the day runs smoothly.  There is nothing more anxiety fueling, if that’s an actual term? than being in a rush in the morning.

Wake me up, before you go go!

If your anything like me and you sleep in or don’t have time to do your bits and bobs before you leave the house on a morning I almost guarantee you will have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp all day!

so my advice to you; SET THAT ALARM 30mins EARLIER and give yourself some time to gather your thoughts.


Number 2Stretch, Wash and Slap

Ahhhhhh, Scrubadub dub, pass me the CONCEALER!!!

Lie in bed, stretch yourself like you have someone yanking on each arm and leg, jump out of your bed and SHOWER. This wakes me up, the quicker I am out of bed the LESS chance I have in making excuses to not leave my pit. Don’t be a social media junkie and lie in bed scrolling through your feed or dwell on the day ahead. Advice: Get your butt out of bed and start MOVING!!

My most important part of this is getting my makeup on, I guess for the men this
probably appears ridiculous, but trust me, nothing feels as good as

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise

when you have your face on. Ladies, you know what I mean don’t you? Their is  nothing more frightening than catching a glimpse of my makeup free face!

In all seriousness there is a reason for this. It sets me up for the day, when I’m up, washed and fully made up I feel confident, invincible and in control of the day.

Trust me, it works!!

3Looking Positively Ravishing Darling!

You want a stress free morning? Get that outfit sorted the night before, that goes for you and any kids or big kids(partners!) you may have.outfit

If there is anything I cannot bare it’s being in a rush and running around like a headless chicken looking for something to wear. OMG it sets me up for a
bad day if i’m not prepared.

If you aren’t 100% comfortable with your appearance and get anxious over the way you look “I need something to cover my bum”, “Ugh I look fat in that”, “My jeans are too tight” then this is essential.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” -Benjamin Franklin.

Invaluable piece of advice here, get it sorted before you go to sleep to avoid stressful mornings , unnecessary drama and a potential panic attack.

4Tick List! Have a REASON WHY!

You have probably read this time and time and time again, lucky you! Your reading it again. That’s because it is very important.

“Like ridiculously important” – Me!

Write your to do list for the day in order of PRIORITY and get it done. If you don’t finish your list off by the end of the day, that’s OK; your closer to completion than you were before you started.

Have a solid reason WHY you want to get up and fulfill your tasks, perhaps motivation towards a job goal, an exam, a fitness goal.

It reduces that stress of the day, eliminates the worry.

You can’t remember everything, I certainly can’t. If its not written down I forget 9 times out of 10.

  • SEO for Charity
  • Nursery Drop Off
  • Meeting (1hr)
  • Pay Bill
  • Blog
  • Nursery Pick Up
  • Dentist Appt

I get a super duper sense of SATISFACTION when my list is completed, you will to not to mention being on the right track to success.

 56Have a rave! only joking. Put the Music on, Twerk and Sing!

I’m 100% serious.

Get the spotify library on, blast your favourite playlist, move that sexy body of yours while pouring yourself a cup of coffee and BAM! The day commences with a BANG! Just don’t burn yourself in the process, that’s not part of the plan.

I like to pop on a bit of David Guetta or a Kygo playlist to get me in the mood for the day ahead. Put on one of your faves and align yourself ready for the day.


Start your day happy and in a positive mood and I almost guarantee your day will work out just right. Unless your superstitious like myself and spot 2 pesky magpies…. that’s another story!

From my heart I hope this has been helpful in it’s own scatty way. It helps me stay on track and focused by helping you so bare with me, i’m a work in progress myself.

To be FULLY HUMAN requires time and effort and a lot of hard work, i’m miles away from where I want to be, but one thing is for certain; i’m a hell of a lot closer than I was this time last year. That’s good progress is it not?



Bex xx







24 thoughts on “5 Ways I Make My Morning Anxiety Disappear FAST

  1. Love it!! I think any progress is good progress. Compared to where I was 4 months ago I am on the road to recovery and have used these most mornings myself.
    I get up early too and put the kettle on to have a chamomile tea. Then I put my stereo on (quiet as it’s about 6.30) and do a bit of colouring.
    Another thing I do is smile. Even if I don’t feel like it, it puts a thought in my head that everything will be ok x


    1. Yeh! your so right, nght times for me are always the worst but Im always mindful that tomorrow is a new day so i aim to start it the way I mean to go on. its lovely this time of year where I live because the sun is out and it automatically makes me feel cheery! xx


      1. I’ve also just got back to work which is another huge step forward for me. The weather here on the island has also been fantastic and I’ve been able to get out and about with my camera again which cheers me up 🙂 xx


      2. It’s a beautiful little island with loads of places I can go to escape ‘real life’. I walked to the forest near my house the other day and felt like I was million miles away from anywhere. It was bliss x


      3. Thats brill, i love going on road trips and finding new places, my favourite times are sunrise and sunset , i like to be beside the sea and especially when its calm like a pond. sometimes it can feel euphoric. xx


      4. I love sunsets, the colours are fantastic. We’re never more than a 20 minute drive from a beach on the island and there’s some fantastic little ‘hidden’ ones too that the tourists don’t know about so are virtually unspoilt xx


  2. Such wonderful advice! Shockingly, I don’t think I do any of these and I could stand to better myself if I try at least once change!
    Love the ideas! ❤


      1. Wellie Wanging – or similar, dependent on the host countries traditional equivalent of the British Wellie e.g. Dutch Clog, Russian Valenki Boot, Japanese Geta Shoe – Thus a globally transferable sport.Pole Dancing – I see this is now advertised as a sport (really?) and is clearly globally recognised.Toe Wrestling – a truly British gemEgg Russian Roulette – no it’s not a ڒyokeԇ but a serious competitive sport and everyone knows what an egg is so training and preparation wouldn’t be difficult.


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