When Time Runs Away… (Quickie)

Tick Tock Don’t Stop!

Slow Down: “Take a Chill Pill”

…They say while I pop one of my ‘pram,

Spiral Fast

I haven’t had a chance to blog in a while, I launched a new business. My mind, my fingers, my voice, my eating, my drinking is running at a GAZILLION mph!

I Really Feel

That putting finger pads to keyboard and typing some words will help me relax, just a lil bit. Not that I don’t enjoy all this new stuff thats going on, infant; it EXCITES me to the point I even find sleeping a waste of time. Yes I know before you say anything sleep is important… Its just everyday feels like Xmas morning at the mo.

So full of ideas, people I want to speak to, ways I can grow MY business and help others. It’s insane for me but extremely exciting.

Tru Dat!

Im TALKING to new people, throwing myself into new OPPORTUNITIES, Even attending NETWORKING events just to get known and make business relationships. Im eager to collaborate, boost my confidence, show my skills and what I can really do. Im excited about my new baby business, I’m typing this at a million miles an hour because I’ve just had a super idea for a new client and now I need to FOCUS back on this.

It’s Fair to say


I’m feeling unstoppable.

From the girl, the shell I was 12 months ago to the woman I am now is crazy!

My Comfort Zone is being stretched like a “lacky band” and I Lurrrrve it!

I forgot to mention

My new venture is in Social Media Marketing, an agency if you please! haha

Ive got plans, big plans for this little egg. Don’t be fooled inside I’m an ANXIOUS mess but my exterior shows none. Ive trained myself to ACT confident. The way I see it is that if I FAKE my confidence enough, chances are it will be learnt behaviour and will stick. Here’s hoping eh?

You know what? Im enthusiastic, off my little BOX! and damn straights this business is going to be a bloody success. CHECK ME OUT ALL CONFIDENT !

Digital Lipz

Digital Lipz logo
Getting Lippy with your Social Media

Is our name, don’t wear it out. Ok you have my permission, tell everyone about it, I certainly will. WOW over use of EXCLAMATION marks this evening much?

So yeh, that’s were I’m at.  Let me know what you think of my LOGO, I’m not 100% on it. Ideally I’d love some super savvy designer to brand me up something really funky but for now; this will have to do.

“Aint nothin’ gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down, oh no,  I got to keep on movin’!” – Matthew Wilder

I’m not gonna vomit my business at you, if you wanna know what get’s me going and is making me literally JUMP out of bed in the morning then MESSAGE me or hunt me out on LINKEDin.

Let us NETWORK and BUILD new friendships xx

STOP, COLLABORATE and LISTEN, BEX is back with a brand new addition!


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