I’m Bek a creative little bean, business owner and mother of one gorgeous little girl.

As mentioned in blog post numero uno I’ve suffered a lot from the age of 16 with very annoying Big D! #depression, anxiety and health anxiety… yeh I know right? health anxiety is an actual “thing”.

It’s been a long old slog and not every day is amazing but I’ve developed some coping methods; helped by the ‘pram. (if you know you know ). Including places to visit, people to visit, positive relationship building, and simple disciplines that keep me here, grateful and motivated.

My Image
My Mugshot

That’s as close to a smile as you’re gonna get!

I have found that certain things make me extra happy and take my mind off the bizzzzzzzzy in my mind.

Predominately being proud of our mental defects, being unashamed to talk about them and feeling comfortable and confident that we will be treated fairly for speaking openly about our naughty little brain waves.

“Happiness is a Journey Not a Destination”

The #CrackOn Project is a small way in which we can collectively and safely talk about our mental health and create true synchronicity in life love and business.


*mic drop*


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